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East Coast Sail Trust Ltd

For over 40 years the ECST has run 5-day cruises for young people, many of whom are disadvantaged, and in that time has catered for around 10,000 children.

Over the 40+ years of operation the ECST has, principally, dealt with young people from many schools nationwide and adults have been catered for in addition. The testimonials shown on our website under 'Schools' indicate the benefit that children gain, recognized by their parents and teachers, and resulting from a cruise aboard Thalatta; eg learning teamwork, interdependence, self-reliance, loyalty, trust, pride in acquiring skills, experimental learning, environmental awareness, etc - in other words vital life-skills. The experience then lives with young people for ever and in many cases has re-orientated those with behavioral problems who now see another way.

The barge is available for hire/charter by adults for shorter cruises, eg overnight, as required, and can offer art courses, bird-watching, environmental viewing, etc.

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Essex and Suffolk - East Coast

Millstones, Mill Lane, Brandeston, Woodbridge, Suffolk IP13 7AP

01728 685465