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Coastline in Caithness

The North Sea and the Pentland Firth. This coastline is home to large colonies of seabirds, and the waters of the North Sea and Pentland Firth are home to marine life such as various species of dolphin, harbour porpoises, grey seals and common seals, and whales.The Pentland Firth also lies between the Orkney Islands and Caithness.

Places in Caithness

Caithness is a county in the north of Scotland. Places in Caithness include Berriedale, Burnside, Castletown, Dunnet, Halkirk, Haster, John o'Groats, Latheron, Mey, Reay, Reiss, Scrabster, Sibster, Thurso, Watten and Wick.

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